Sniff a waterfall: It’s Earth Day and it will do you good (Video)

Sniff away those winter and post-election blues. Take a hike along a stream, inhale a snootful of those negative ions and fill your lungs with biochemical bliss.

Its science, folks.

Today we celebrate Earth Day as thousands march around the world in support of science and against the corrupt politicians and religious fanatics who deny science.

They should all take a walk in nature and sniff some negative ions.

Ions are air molecules that break apart in moving water. Negative ones chill out to a negative state. Once they reach our bloodstream, they increase oxygen and the mood-upping hormone serotonin, relieving stress, boosting energy and helping to alleviate depression.

No big marches in the semi-rural area where we live, but lots of small events…hikes and volunteer work days and such in places such as Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, where we filmed this mood-enhancing stream and waterfall.


A note to science-denying politicians: If it is not possible for you take a hike next to a waterfall this weekend, a cold shower can have a lesser but similar effect.

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