Travel Tech (Sort of): Breakaway Undies



Eeeeyooooo! Every girl knows the icky challenge of trying to freshen up and change clothes in an airplane lavatory, particularly at the end of a long flight. Pull your undies off over your shoes? No way. Take your shoes off and try to balance barefoot in the lav? Don’t even think about it.

One company has come up with a great product for travelers, athletes, adventurers, even people who have limited mobility. They’re called Claspies and they use the same kind of connector that many front-closing bras do. Claspies let you stand on two feet and put on fresh clean panties anytime you want without having your feet touch them. Just roll down your pants or hike up your skirt. Run the Claspies between your legs and fasten them at either hip.

Claspies are the brainchild of Sabrina Guillebeaux who wanted easy-to-change underwear during her long flight to Africa for her honeymoon. 95% rayon/5% spandex, Claspies cost $14.95 for a single pair and $25 for a pack of two, which comes with a handy carrybag for the extra pair. and