Revolt at the Kasbah (Video)

View From Kasbah toward Marrakech, MoroccoView from Kasbah Omar, Anrar, Morocco- Photo: Russ Johnson

Sometimes you suffer from too much of a good thing, even the finest food.

Tell your friends you’re going Morocco for two weeks and they’ll likely lick their lips and wish they could be with you to enjoy the tasty pastilla, keftas, couscous and  tajines. So why,  halfway through our journey,  were we willing partners to a culinary insurrection.


Morocco: Hollywood in the Sahara and a Bit of Bollywood

All Photos © Russell Johnson

No, it is not Sodom or Gomorrah, or Tibet or Slavers’s Bay in Game of Thrones. Morocco is, rather, one big film set that producers dress up to stretch their imaginations and ours. Oh yes, there is also a a bit of Bollywood here. Your are reading it right, Delhi in the desert.