EPA Rules Against Scary Stowaways: Ships Must Treat Ballast Water

Zebra Mussel

The US Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that ship ballast water – often a witches’ brew of microbes, eggs, plants and creatures (some as much as a foot long) – must be treated before it is released.

Environmentalists sued the EPA over ballast’s exemption from the Clean Water Act.

Cruise ships, which use ballast water to stabilize their ride, dump as much as 70 thousand liters of the nasty cocktail every day. But they are not the biggest culprits. There are huge tankers and cargo ships that must be weighed down when they are empty and thousands of rust-buckets that don’t really care about the rules. Most cruise ships are fairly modern and can be retrofitted with treatment systems.


Dr. David Bellamy: Flying in the Face of Convention: Audio

 Dr. David Bellamy


Prof. David Bellamy does bird impressions, trumpets like an elephant, waves his arms as if swatting gnats and screams “beam me up Scotty!” Looking like a cross between John Houston and Saint Nick, Bellamy, the UK television character and founder of the Conservation Foundation is…well… unconventional.





I talked to the hirsute professor twice over the past few years.