RIP K. Chattu Kuttan: Worked in Hotel Since WWII


Doorman at the Galle Face Hotel in Sri LankaK. Chattu Kuttan Photo: Russ Johnson

Doorman K. Chattu Kuttan greeted the world at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka for 72 years.

I remember him from when I first visited, and stayed, at the Galle Face in the early 90s (I shot the above picture in 2009). Kuttan wanted to retire from his job as a waiter in 1980, but the hotel insisted that he stay and put him up front, where he stood ever since. Kutan remembers 1942 when he witnessed a Japanese Zero crash land on the hotel grounds. 

The Galle Face is one of those so-and-so slept here hotels that has hosted kings, presidents, movie stars, not to mention some high-profile scoundrels.

Kottarappu Chattu Kuttan RIP