Riding the Electricos (trams) Through the Hills of Lisbon – Video


Nighttime scene of a tram in LisbonPhotos and Video (c) Russell Johnson

Like Rome and San Francisco, Lisbon is built on seven hills. Unlike Rome and San Francisco, however, the only easy way to get to parts of it is on a tram, or electrico. It’s that steep. The trams date back to 1873 when they were horse drawn. They went electric in 1901. By 1959 there were 24 routes. There are now only six, but citizens and tourists alike still love’em.

The most celebrated is Electrico 24, which hits many of the historical sites of Lisbon. But we’ve found the electricos handy and charming for travel to many parts of town, especially if you buy a 24 hour pass, which will allow you to hop on and hop off.

Here is a little video we did.