Mustard Season: Sonoma and Napa Valleys


The mustard between the vines in the Sonoma Valley sure is pretty. Napa used to celebrate the bloom yearly with a Mustard Festival, but with an Olive Festival next door in Sonoma, a Film Festival, a Folk Art Festival, the Bottle Rock music festival, even an Aloha Festival, mustard — in festival-happy Napa — just didn’t cut it. But we can still celebrate mustard’s early spring beauty.

We took a hike in Bartholomew Park in Sonoma. It has beautiful hiking trails any time of year, not to mention a winery if you would like to enjoy a taste.

Mustard growing between the vines, Sonoma

Mustard between the grapevines, Sonoma
Mustard between the grapevines, Sonoma (c) 2016 Russell Johnson