Meow Wolf: A White Wookie, a Giant Spider and a Glowing Mastodon Meet at a Bowling Alley

Meow Wolf, a a strange, whimsical conceptual art installation in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Meow Wolf, a a strange, whimsical conceptual art installation in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Where can you step into an old bowling alley guarded by a giant robot and his spider sidekick, play music on the rib cage of a glowing mastodon, and dance with a white wookie?

Unless the laws of odds are totally out of whack, the ONLY place you can do that is at Meow Wolf, a weird wonderland of whimsy and conceptual art in Santa Fe New Mexico.

I took a walk through it.


Video photographed, written, edited and narrated by Russell Johnson

Meow Wolf started in 2008 as an artists collective with shows and events scattered about town. In 2015, with financial help from George R.R. Martin (he of Game of Trones fame) it transformed a decrepit bowling alley into The House of Eternal Return, which is what it implies, a house where every door and window opens up into a new, sometime beautiful, sometime bizarre world. You go around and around in this labyrinth and rare return to the same spot.

It has been a sellout hit in Santa Fe where, on busy days, lines extend around the block. It is also considered one of the top music venues in the US.

Meow Wolf is opening a new art complex in Denver in 2020, planned to be 90 thousand square feet or three times the size of the Santa Fe exhibit, and another in Las Vegas in a new mall complex called Area 15. Can only guess what that will be all about.

It has also released a documentary called “Meow World: Origin Story, “ which had a one time showing in theaters last week and is for sale. Watch the trailer on the Meow Wolf web site.

Best to order tickets online and turn up before opening in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the long lines. But give yourself a couple of hours, in case you get lost inside.


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