The Filoli Gardens


This place makes me happy.

Filoli is a US National Historical Trust site and a California State Historic Landmark. Located south of San Francisco, it is considered one of the finest remaining country estates of the early 20th century and is known for its magnificent but peaceful gardens, with some 500 types of roses and 200 kinds of camelias. While the valleys of Sonoma and Napa are famous for wine tasting, Filoli has apple and pear tastings and offers such civilized activities as flower shows with tea. Mostly, it is a place to lose yourself in beauty.

Filoli is NOT an Italian name. It is an acronym for the motto of its builder, gold magnate William Bowers Bourne. Filoli means “Fight for a just cause. Love your fellow man. Live a good life.” He did.

Filoli is open to the public.