20 of our Favorite Photos and Moments of 2013


SaharaPhotogAll Photos (c) 2014: Russell Johnson

Here are a few of our favorite pictures and moments from our travels in 2013

New York Skyline, NightPhoto: Russ Johnson

Looking out at a foggy New York City from our hotel room in Hell’s Kitchen, which is becoming quickly gentrified.

Grand Central Terminal New YorkPhoto: Russ Johnson

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Grapevine, CaliforniaPhoto: Russ Johnson

Driving through the Grapevine, the slope and mountain that separates California’s Central Valley and Southern California on a cold February evening.

 Figeora HotelPhoto: Russ Johnson

Checking into the eclectic Figueroa Hotel in a fast-reviving downtown Los Angeles.

Billy Two DogsPhoto: Russ Johnson

Driving the length of Highway 12 in California where we met Billy Two Dogs

Al The Wops, Lock, CaliforniaPhoto: Russ Johnson

…drank a tall one at the historic and not-so-politically correct “Al the Wops.” bar in Locke, on the California Delta…

TokenBoxPhoto: Russ Johnson

…and waxed nostalgic at the nearby at the Western Railway Museum. (We are old enough to remember these).

Shasta CabinPhoto: Russ Johnson

Settled into a fishing cabin under the stars of August at the foot of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

I AM PageantPhoto: Russ Johnson

Arose early on a Sunday morning to attend a four hour passion play during which Jesus rose to heaven up the trunk of a Redwood tree.

Seti Radio TelescopePhoto: Russ Johnson

Drove  to a nearby valley where there are radio telescopes that look for life in outer space.

Opus OnePhoto: Russ Johnson

Celebrated the California wine harvest in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys with a photo workshop that we organized with ace photographer Joe Baraban. Here is a video photo lesson from Joe.

Mike GrgichToastPhoto: Russ Johnson

Toasted the 90th birthday of winemaker Mike Grgich, the man who years ago proved to the French that Californians could do it better.

TimberCovePhoto: Russ Johnson

Watched the October sunset at the Timber Cove Inn on California’s North Coast.

Old Vines\Photo: Russ Johnson

Got scared out of our wits as the old vines shouted BOO on Halloween in the vineyards in California’s Sonoma Valley.

View of Paris from MonmartrePhoto: Russ Johnson

Peered out over Paris in Monmartre in November.

CaravanPhoto: Russ Johnson

Hailed a camel for an adventure in Morocco. See our Morocco Photo Gallery

SaharaMoonPhoto: Russ Johnson

Spent a few days Berlin.

Holocaust Memorial, BerlinPhoto: Russ Johnson

Felt claustrophobic and moved at the Holocaust Memorial.

Sansoucci Palace Wine ArborPhoto: Russ Johnson

Strolled through cold tree-bare gardensof the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, but found winter beauty.

Happy travels in 2014!




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