The Christmas Choirs of Fiji


Bay in Fiji

Where do you go for the world’s most spirited Christmas celebrations? I found Christmas in the form of soaring voices on the islands of Fiji. As the temperature teases the freezing tick on the thermometer and our cat Moritz stalks the house, looking for non-existent pools of light, my mind floats on the trade winds to Fiji sunshine.

I am a great fan of Fiji. I courted my wife on a cruise of Fiji’s islands in 1997, but ten years earlier I went there to do a documentary for American Public Radio and NPR that was supposed to have been a Christmas special featuring Fiji’s magnificent a capella choirs but ended up as a rather strange tale of island politics: two coups d’etat, me being suspected of being CIA and an encounter with a drunken German arms dealer.

The full story, with music and sounds of the islands, is part of my audio book “Tales of the Radio Traveler,” available on Audible and iTunes.” You can find the print and eBook editions in bookstores and on Amazon.
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But here is some of the music from it:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Adeste Fidelis


Oh Holy Night


Silent Night


Yangona Song
A traditional song sung around a punch bowl filled with pounded Kava root, a mildly intoxicating brew served at a ceremonies and just for fun.

Fiji Kids