Duck and Cover: How to beat the web snoops


With the recent revelations of NSA snooping, here are some ways to dodge the government and corporate bloodhounds sniffing out your private life. And you may save some money booking travel as well. This is a re-publication of a story we did more than a year ago. The tips are still good. Nothing has changed.


The New Exploratorium: Hands-On Science Makes Splash on San Francisco Waterfront

Trash Clock, San Francisco ExploratoriumTrash Sweepers Clock – All Photos (c) Russell Johnson

San Francisco’s Exploratorium, a reboot of the pioneering, hands-on science museum that had lived in a dark cavern at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts for 43 years is now open on the city’s waterfront, “on the front porch of San Francisco,” says Executive Director Dennis Bartels. The Exploratorium has expanded to 330 thousand square feet of Pier 15 with 600 exhibits, some outside, some inside, all engineered to generate enough “ooh” to please adults and enough “ick” to please kids.