People We’ve Met: Beijing

Photo ©2013  Russell Johnson

I met this man in Tienanmen Square in Beijing in 1987. It was my first trip to China. Among the crowds there, he stood out. We didn’t speak the same language but he graciously allowed me to photograph him. It was a time when most men still wore blue Mao suits. Nobody does that today.

The Way to Shangri-la? (Video)

Gossip, Shangri-la
Gossip: Dukezong, China © Russell Johnson

The ancient town of Dukezong in Yunnan Province, China was destroyed by fire this month. More than 232 houses were lost and hundreds of families displaced. Dukezong was an historical centerpiece of a region China renamed Shangri-La in an effort to attract tourists. I shot a video that has a few scenes from the daily life of Dukezong, before the fire, and what is now still a real wonder, the wilds surrounding it.