People We’ve Met: Beijing

Photo ©2013  Russell Johnson

I met this man in Tienanmen Square in Beijing in 1987. It was my first trip to China. Among the crowds there, he stood out. We didn’t speak the same language but he graciously allowed me to photograph him. It was a time when most men still wore blue Mao suits. Nobody does that today.

People We’ve Met: H. Stern

Hans Stern, 1983Hans Stern – Photo: Russell Johnson

I forgot how it came about, but I was in Rio de Janeiro on a project in 1983 and someone asked me if I would like to meet Hans Stern, the H. Stern whose name occupies the storefronts of designer jewelry stores from Paris, to Las Vegas, to the Middle East to New York’s Fifth Avenue.


Lowell Thomas Exhibit Explores The World of Lawrence of Arabia and Beyond

TE Lawrence and Lowell Thomas in 1918 photo in front of their tent. From Marist College Exhibit reenacting Lowell Thomas' performance, "With Allenby in Palestine and Lawrence of Arabia"

T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) in Palestine with Lowell Thomas – From “Journey to the Land of Our Past with the Lowell Thomas Travelogues”

As a war correspondent, Lowell Thomas and his cameraman Harry Chase met and traveled with archaeologist, poet and British Army officer T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, in Palestine. Returning home in 1919, Thomas put together a legendary travelogue that he took around the world and captured the imaginations of millions. Imagine, if you were living then, flying over the Pyramids of Egypt. New York’s Marist College has paired documents, film, photos and audio from its vast collection with the original script in its online exhibit  “Journey to the Land of Our Past with the Lowell Thomas Travelogues.”