A Tribute to Earth Day – Scenes and Sounds of Nature and Beauty Around The World

Moroccan Desert
The Moroccan Desert – Photo (c) Russell Johnson

A video and audio tribute to Earth Day, filmed in Peru, Bali, California, Minnesota, Morocco and other places of beauty.



Angkor: Before the Crowds Arrived (Video)

Roots at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia ©Russell Johnson

I have seen the pictures: tourists mugging and doing fish-face selfies amongst the ancient temples of Angkor, one of the world’s heritage treasures. In 2018, Cambodia attracted an estimated 5.5 million international tourists, many of which descended like a plague upon Angkor.


Looking for the World’s Tallest Tree: Humboldt County, California

Paul Bunyan has an axe to grind. He and his ilk don’t rule the far north of California anymore. Like comedian Rodney Dangerfield, this American folk hero “don’t get no respect.” Tearing down a swath of timber in a mighty swing is ecologically unsound and politically incorrect. A giant blue ox ploughing through the wilderness certainly has to be folklore’s answer to clear cutting.

Poor Paul.