Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens – A Vision of Paradise

If ever I have seen a vision of paradise, this is it. If I were immortal, this is where I would wish to wander for eternity.

The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens spreads out over 47 acres between the California coastal villages of Mendocino and Ft. Bragg. Its climate of alternate sun and fog makes it a happy home for flora from all over the world.

Hills of heather, roses, dahlias, poppies and, in the spring, thousands of camellias and rhododendrons. You hike from the gardens to the coast past cacti and succulents, through a coastal forest with a rushing stream, past conifers and grasslands, as the roar of the ocean becomes louder.

Until last week, I hadn’t walked these paths in 25 year. Then I filmed them on fuzzy old videotape for the Redwood Empire Association. That did not bring out the colors and textures. Now, the gardens show their full, proud plumage in 4K video.

Now during COVID-19 restrictions, the gardens are open but advance reservations are required. But its worth the trouble.


A Tribute to Earth Day – Scenes and Sounds of Nature and Beauty Around The World

Moroccan Desert
The Moroccan Desert – Photo (c) Russell Johnson

A video and audio tribute to Earth Day, filmed in Peru, Bali, California, Minnesota, Morocco and other places of beauty.



Angkor: Before the Crowds Arrived (Video)

Roots at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia ©Russell Johnson

I have seen the pictures: tourists mugging and doing fish-face selfies amongst the ancient temples of Angkor, one of the world’s heritage treasures. In 2018, Cambodia attracted an estimated 5.5 million international tourists, many of which descended like a plague upon Angkor.


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