Together – A Slide Show of World Portraits

“We are all in this together” has become an anthem for coping with COVID-19. It should be an anthem for our lives. We all — humans, plants, elephants and mice — are made of the same stuff, DNA. What we do, as individuals or communities, can not only affect those who are close, but also those who are far away. This is a slide show of photography by Russell Johnson that visits people he has encountered around the world. Our cultures and religions may differ, but we are all in this together.

Photography: Fall Fashions in Wine Country

All Photos Copyright 2019 Russell Johnson

Unless you go to the mountains, California is not known for its fall colors. Yes, there are splashes here and there, but not the blazing displays you will find in colder, wetter climes. But, the planting of thousands of acres of wine grapes over the past thirty years or so, has created a new fall fashion. Here are a few from Sonoma/Napa wine country.

OldVines, Sonoma, CA

Red and Green Vines, Sonoma
Harlequin Vines – (c) Russell Johnson

Fall Colors - Far Niente Road, Napa CalifFar Niente Vineyards – Napa

Meow Wolf: A White Wookie, a Giant Spider and a Glowing Mastodon Meet at a Bowling Alley

Meow Wolf, a a strange, whimsical conceptual art installation in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Meow Wolf, a a strange, whimsical conceptual art installation in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Where can you step into an old bowling alley guarded by a giant robot and his spider sidekick, play music on the rib cage of a glowing mastodon, and dance with a white wookie?

Unless the laws of odds are totally out of whack, the ONLY place you can do that is at Meow Wolf, a weird wonderland of whimsy and conceptual art in Santa Fe New Mexico.

I took a walk through it.


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