Ask Your Doctor about SOHDD, Sense of Humor Deficit Disorder


I was really perplexed. Was I suffering from SOHDD? I think many my age do.

I know, its tough times: politics, COVID-19, sitting in a hard chair contemplating the lint in my naval, watching dust bunnies swirl about the floor, but SOHDD, Sense of Humor Deficit Disorder, previously known as Irony Deficiency Anemia?

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Holy Mother of Jehosaphat, certainly not me.

I didn’t understand. I obviously needed help.

But then I asked my doctor.

He recommended doctor recommended rediculin.

Rediculin, taken as directed, will LIFT your spirits.

Add laughs to your lethargy.

Certainly did mine. I am now finding my naval very funny, especially when there is a little fluff of cotton in it from my tattered underwear.

And the dust bunnies? They are dancing a Nuryev-like ballet.

I found some old Carrot Top routines on YouTube. Hilarous.

And Amazon just dropped off my order from the Acme Anvil Company. They dropped it from a helicopter.

I know, rediculin tastes kind of yuckky, but that’s the point: Nuyk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

A few recommenations: You should take it with food. SPAM works.

And have to stick with it for it to work. After a few days, your ribs start to tickle. Sometimes it does take a week or so of use to progress from droll to slapstick, but it is a journey worth taking.

If you read the label – the type is mouse turd small – there are some side effects.

You can do too far.

Pratfalls, for one thing.

You could be hit by a swinging ladder

…or a falling piano

…or bust a rib laughing.

Or you could be tempted to get in front of a train and start running.

About 5% of users develop Kwazy Wabbit Syndrome…curable with a gin and carrot juice Martini.

But do ask your doctor about rediculin. You won’t be sad that you did.

In rare instances it could make you die laughing.


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